Arizona Hiking Retrospectives: Bartlett Lake

Water in Arizona!

As it turns out, one of my favorite things to do in Arizona didn’t have anything to do with hiking at all!  Not long after I got over my near death experience, this was one of the first trips that I made.  I drove to Bartlett Lake and just took pictures, walked out on the docks and generally just enjoyed the sights and sounds.

It is a beautiful place.  I’ve taken my kayaks out there a couple times as well.

I really can’t walk on water, it just looks that way.

Let me know if you’ve taken trips that don’t involve much hiking that you enjoyed just as much as your super cool hikes!

Typical scenery at Bartlett…

Arizona Hiking Retrospectives: Kendrick Peak

At the summit of Kendrick Peak

WAY back in 2015 my friend Michael and I climbed Kendrick Peak.  Kendrick Peak is the twelfth tallest mountain in Arizona and was one of my favorite Arizona hikes.  You have incredible views of the San Francisco Peaks (Humphreys Peak), Bill Williams Mountain in Williams, and the various cinder cones in the area.

The hike is about nine miles and constituted about 2700 feet of accumulated elevation gain (AEG).

Fire watch cabin

At the time, this was the highest that I had ever been, elevation wise.  Although I have not climbed Humphreys Peak yet, after this hike I had gotten to 11,500 feet on a different hike in this area.  I found that unlike my hiking partner that day, I didn’t really struggle with the elevation much and barely noticed the thin air.  There is no rhyme or reason to this as I had only been living in Arizona for a few months at the time that I did this hike.

Typical views on the way up Kendrick Peak
Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 7.28.57 AM
The route is never steep, but it is relentless. Most AZ hikers can accomplish this climb.